“Every number sounds instantly familiar, the hooks are so big, vibrant, and barbed they draw blood and absolutely demand repeated plays. The guitar playing glistens. It’s another era. But while the Doug Wahlberg Band sounds like everyone, they sound like no one but – Doug Wahlberg.”
Pete Whalley
Get Ready to Rock
“The shimmering rhythm and expressive singing of Doug Wahlberg puts the listener at ease. So much so that we find ourselves bellowing the choruses to “Broken” or “What if?” From the first listen.”
François Becquart
Music in Belgium
“‘Flying Under the Radar’ won’t only gratify those old rockers who search for good old rockin’ music with a contemporary twist but also the young ones who have got sick of those “retro” acts of today…”
"I was lucky enough to catch the “Doug Wahlberg Band” on two separate nights, in two distinctly different venues. On Good Friday night I saw them rock the Georgetown Saloon in Georgetown Connecticut. It was an intimate club setting, giving me an opportunity to hear and watch everyone in the band play up close and personal. George on bass and Rich on drums preformed as a tight, well rehearsed rhythm section. T-Bone on the keys rounded out the music perfectly reinforcing Doug’s fantastic guitar and vocals. Doug is a masterful technician on lead guitar. The following night I saw the band open for “Mountain” at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield Connecticut. This was part two in the Doug Wahlberg guitar seminar exhibition of excellence. Playing off the energy of a large sold out crowd, elevated the bands performance to a higher level. One of the highlights of the evening was Doug’s guitar work on their original song “The Lake.” Doug’s blistering solo blew the roof off the place and received a thunderous applause that was justly deserved. It had been over twenty years since I’d seen Doug play and he blew me away."
Neal Smith
Alice Cooper
“Classic rock lives! “One More Down” is a celebration of the genre that made music a driving force in our world. Doug’s knowledge, experience and approach are threaded throughout his music. Classic rock is the vehicle, The Doug Wahlberg band is the fuel. You MUST check out this classic act."
JJ Cichon
Producer, |
“You are a great, great guitar player!”
José Feliciano
“…The energy he (Doug Wahlberg) and his band bring to his live gigs is infectious. Great guitar licks and real good originals, too.” – Mike Horyczun, Music Journalist – Norwalk Hour/Wilton Villager/Stamford Times"
Radio Host
WPKN 89.5 FM
“Doug Wahlberg impressed the heck out of us! Not only was he energetic and exciting to have in the studio for an interview, but every song we played by the “Doug Wahlberg Band” absolutely ROCKED! What a fun and talented guy!"
Stacey Buba
Producer, Brian Smith News & Variety Show, WICC600
“Great infectious pop sound, with sensational musicianship and lyrical ironies to match.”
Miggs Burroughs
Miggs B Design
“The Doug Wahlberg Band wears their ’60s/psychedelic influences proudly, while still sounding crisp, modern and vital. Their 8-song CD “Party Boss” lives up to its name with a set of catchy, up-tempo pop-rock!”
Tim Sheehan
Program Director, WRKI- I95